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04 Jul
bigstock-detail-of-decorations-on-palac-173556068-1320x742 (1)
The importance of investing in world heritage
Category: All, Heritage
The ancient Azerbaijani city of Sheki become one of a handful of cultural sites from around the world to be added to UNESCO’s prestigious World Heritage list in Baku earlier this w...
15 Jun
Why literary festivals are a must for cultural entrepreneurs
Category: All, Heritage
Festivals like Hay are excellent opportunities to grow your business, as well as stimulate your mind
23 May
Baku prepares for a bout of football fever
Category: All, Sport
Next week Baku will become the centre of the footballing universe, when our national stadium hosts the Europa League final. Forming the first part of the so called ‘Full English’ s...
23 May
Investment advisers are still crucial to successful strategies
Category: All, Business
Under the leadership of Thomas Meston, the company expands into a new, eight-story factory building in St. Louis. Becomes president.
23 Feb
How publishing marries tradition and cutting-edge
Category: All, Heritage
I am sometimes asked why I have chosen to focus part of my career on the business of books. Many of my contemporaries have pursued leading roles in tech start-ups, trailblazing in ...
21 Feb
What a decade has taught me
Category: All, Education
The last decade has been an incredible journey. I have been blessed with the opportunity to lead successful international businesses across a diverse range of construction, tourism...
21 Feb
ajb (1)
Education specialist Graeme Pollock considers the features of a successful schooling system
Category: Blog, Education
Transforming a post-Soviet education system into the envy of the Caucasus took huge investment and visionary thinking. Graeme Pollock finds lessons from two projects.
09 Jan
Dmitry Yablonsky writes for Classical Music on the Gabala International Music Festival
Category: All, Heritage
Azerbaijan is a hidden gem of Europe’s classical repertoire and the confluence of Eastern and Western traditions, writes cellist and conductor Dmitry Yablonsky
22 Nov
Corey Ledet
Pianist and composer Isfar Sarabski reflects on an exciting new generation of jazz musicians in Azerbaijan
Category: All, Heritage
Baku is a beacon for the jazz genre in the Caucuses, right on Europe’s doorstep. The Baku International Jazz Festival takes place every October and welcomes musicians from countrie...
09 Nov
Feyenoord Academy chief, Stanley Brard, outlines Azerbaijans footballing revolution
Category: All, Sport
When FK Gabala crashed in their third goal at Moldova’s Sheriff Tiraspol stadium towards the end of last year, it signalled that this is a youth team that means business on the Eur...
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