Inspiring Azerbaijan’s young readers

Posted by: Tale Heydarov
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Azerbaijan’s participation at this year’s Frankfurt Book Fair, where hundreds of new publications have been presented, demonstrates the country’s recent boom in the business of books.

In publishing, much has changed since the post-Soviet period, with the country making considerable progress by successfully transitioning from the Cyrillic to the Latin alphabet and republishing hundreds of titles, as well as enormously widening the scope of available literature.

This piece, following on from Azerbaijan’s participation in the Frankfurt Book Fair, the foremost publishing event worldwide, highlights the country’s booming publishing industry, focusing particularly on the range of options for younger readers. The piece mentions TEAS Press, and Tale Heydarov’s founding role, noting the publishing house’s partnerships with educational suppliers, such as Oxford University Press, as well as the increasing number of overseas classics being translated into Azerbaijani.


Author: Tale Heydarov

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